An Angel with Red Rose… 


The black clouds were on the head, they covered the sun and marked the threat and rain of grief began,

lightning did happen, and the night came to play, the crowd rushed here &there,

the day I lost my job, and the sky did sigh in grief,

the drops of water hurted me like thorns of hell,

my tears were covered, I was wet in pain &grief,

the shops soon got emptied, doors& windows got closed,

near the station I saw a little girl standing on the road with a red rose,

I saw her smile looking up at sky,

wet she was like me but she giggled lovingly with no worry,

with curosity and dilemma blended in my head, I asked her where did she live,

she giggled again and said “the place where you have kept your feet, that is the ground on which I eat and sleep,”

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