Nominate yourself, or another, perhaps a genius will be discovered and the world might benefit tremendously!

This blog is aimed at making the ordinary unknown star or genius a celebrity!


“Making The Unknown Celebrity A Popular Celebrity!”
Every human being is in truth a Celebrity, because of whose image and likeness we are!

Do you think you ought to be celebrated, but the world doesn’t care, or there’s no voice to speak out for you?
Do you know anybody that ought to be celebrated, but no one can showcase him/her?
This platform will do it for you with little effort!


1. State your name, date of birth (optional), place of residence, tribe (optional), and nationality. If you are nominating someone, you have to give your name and how you are related to the nominee and the nominee’s name, date of birth (optional), place of residence, tribe (optional) and nationality.
2. Give ten (10) good reasons why you, or your nominee should be a celebrity.
3. A vote will be made within a period of one week (7 days) by willing visitors to this blog.
4. The information to be displayed about the selected celebrity will be provided by the person that nominated them.
5. A person can be nominated as many times as possible until he/she wins.
6. The crown can be worn only once.
7. There are no limitations to the background of a nominee, i.e. social, educational and even age!
8. The results of the votes will be displayed on daily basis up to the seventh day, when The Star will be announced.
9. A person cannot vote for two different nominees in a single day, but a person can vote for a nominee on a particular day and vote for a different one on another day. Voting will be through the comments box by simply stating a nominees name.
10. Nominations are to be sent by email to the address,
11. All entries will be turned into blog posts and for every day, the closing time for submission is 6pm GMT.
12. Popular celebrities are not allowed to participate, because they already have a name!

The Star

Whoever scores the highest points at the end of every week, becomes The Star!

The winner will become the CELEBRITY! His/her profile will be displayed on the celebrityplatform blog and for a period of one week (7 days), there will be a daily news story about the person, featuring videos, lifestyle and interviews, just anything authentic we can get.
During the seven days, the reigning celebrity will not only be featured on this blog, but also on Facebook and Twitter.
Monetized prizes will be considered in the future, when we have sponsors!
After the seven days, another person will be celebrated. And so shall it continue…


This is an opportunity to make yourself or the ordinary people around you to become popular!
Tell the World about someone you believe needs to be known, but is being ignored, because there is no outlet! Give yourself or someone you think deserves a good name, but doesn’t have!
Entry fees are not required, all you need to do is provide information about yourself or your nominee.
You might help unearth or discover “A Star” or “genius” that could make a positive impact on our planet!!!


Please contact Jerry Peri
Gsm +2378103905839
Email. or


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