Honorable Hassan Ahmadu Haruna (Danmasanin Waja) “Man Of The People”

Honorable Hassan Ahmadu Haruna
(Danmasanin Waja)

Hassan Ahmadu Haruna is a politician and a teacher at heart!

It is obvious from the over twenty (20) traditional titles given to him by various chiefdoms, that he is a man of the people!

Hassan Ahmadu Haruna is a celebrity, a humble man of virtues with an impeccable record of performance in any task assigned to him.

He was born on the 27th of May 1958 in the village of Bangu to Mr and Mrs Haruna. He is of the Royal Banga Clan (little wonder he attracts so many traditional titles!).

He was raised by his uncle, Mallam Ahmadu, the Chief of Bangu because his father died when he was tender aged. He grew up to be a gentleman.

The Man

The quick witted and sharp Hassan is born a leader and as far back as his college days, the traits were evident, as he was President of the debating club. He was hockey team captain, Secretary General of Waja students association and later, President of the students Union.

His peers and subordinates sees him as an extraordinary man, while his family sees him as the best husband and father in the world!

Hassan Ahmadu Haruna is a man that wins the day anytime, anywhere, to which some people likened him to a “sticky insect”, cause he doesn’t give up on anything he believes in. He is very energetic and often those that know little about him tend to mistake his Napoleonic tendencies as aggressiveness. However, beneath the surface, he is tender, kind and compassionate.

He has vowed that whatever has to do with education and illness are issues he will always spend absolute time and resources on!

He is a dynamic leader that has the interests of the masses at heart.

At a point in time when he was Chairman of Balanga Local Government, The Folo Dadiya, HRH Alhaji Adamu Abdullahi said this of him;
“Mallam Hassan Ahmadu Haruna is a man of equity and a philanthropist. He is not tribalistic, nor does he show religious difference. In fact, he is a man who does not segregate no matter the circumstance. He can be said to be the best Chairman Balanga Local Government ever had. He gave a lot of people employment, irrespective of their backgrounds. He enhanced the educational standard of his people and arranged for free, “Dodol” medical operation for people of the locality. He is a sympathetic and hard working chairman. What he has done will never be forgotten by the people of Balanga. Hassan A. Haruna is a God sent and the most God fearing Chairman the local Government ever had”

Whoever has any cause to be touched by Hassan Ahmadu Haruna, usually gets dumbfounded by the man’s tendencies for free unselfish love! He cares for humanity and he doesn’t look down on people, no matter how lowly they may appear to be. He lends ears to the problems of others and tried his best to assist whenever he can, which is why no matter the number of people that flocks his home and office, he makes sure to grant them good audience according to his ability and often to the people’s satisfaction.

The man is a lover of tradition and culture, such that wherever he goes, he doesn’t give second thoughts to dancing his Waja dance, as long as the dance is on!

He was and is a teacher at heart. He once said of education at an occasion that;
“We should see education as a unifying force, being that it is only education that cuts across all boundaries of life, irrespective of religion, tribal, racial and gender affiliation”.
This is a wise observation!

Such convictions are common with this outspoken gentleman that always has something to say over any issue and he doesn’t mince his words. He feels that all mankind must be given the opportunity to excel.

In a strictly dominated man’s world, with his power and wealth, Hassan Ahmadu Haruna believes that;
” In order to achieve completeness in national development, gender discrimination has to be totally eliminated. Special attention must be given to female education, as their education is more significant and of immediate relevance to society than that of the male”,
Such a remarkable man!

The Dan Masanin Waja is a human being like any other, although different in certain aspects. He has never been known to fail in his endeavors. His basic manifesto for his electorates has always been “HUMAN DEVELOPMENT”, which is why the enhancement and improvement of education, the health sector and agriculture has always been foremost in whatever position he finds himself. Little wonder he easily warms his way into the hearts of the masses.

His political career started from his childhood days, when among his peers he was always the one to make and influence decisions. He was made a prefect and later head boy in the primary school and while at secondary school and so forth. His active romance with unionism molded and prepared him for giant political strides.

His entrance into wider politics was on a Sunday, in 1996, when he was a secondary school principal, and some elders of Balanga visited him at the school where they requested him to resigned his civil service appointment and come home to help with it’s development by serving as the local government chairman. Being a universal call by the generality of his people, he accepted.

When he won the election and on assuming office, instead of following the trend of political office holders, he bought a donkey and not a car, because Balanga has no good road at that time and for the masses to understand that he was out to work, not to squander and embezzled public money!

Since 1999 till date, Hassan Ahmadu Haruna has been actively engaged in politics, serving in one capacity or the other.

After serving two tenures as the Chairman of Balanga local government, he was appointed as Chairman of Gombe state Universal Basic Education Board, after which due to the confidence they have in him, the peoples of Balanga and Billiri local governments elected him in 2007 to represent them at the Federal house of Representatives. After that, because he is not the type of person to be left idle due to his capabilities, he has been serving in various ministries of Gombe state as a commissioner.IMG_20170921_222127_590.jpg


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