The Princess! 👸

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hey folks!

today I’ll gonna introduced you a story the Princess and her love.after very long time I hope all of you enjoyed is written by guest writer Mr. Jerry Peri.

“The Princess”👸

She is like something out of a dream! She has great beauty and she is a real Princess, the daughter of an Emir in the sub Ajman kingdom of the United Arab Emirates. Being an only daughter out of ten children and one of her mother’s three (the Emir, her father, has four wives), Princess Umaima is the Emirs’ favorite child and not wanting her to be far from him, he arranged for her to be homeschooled! And so even at the age of nineteen, Princess Umaima had never traveled outside the Emirates. She had accompanied her father countless times to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other cities of the Emirates on royal functions.

Princess Umaima became…

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