How is your lifestyle, or personality impacted on others?

Is there any special thing you are good at, which you desire to outline you?

Have you ever mentored anyone?

Will you want to mentor someone?



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9 thoughts on “Mentorship…

  1. My personality is unusual, artsy and enthusiastic, and tends to open people’s minds to new possibilities when it doesn’t shut them down into knee-jerk sloganism immediatedly.

    I’m good at writing. I have unusual information on subjects from the history and prehistory of Hominid community structures to the sacred and medicinal values of smoke.

    I’m a lifelong Light spirit channel & have been honored to assist in the transformation of many lives. Also I’ve done many artist-in-residenceies as a poet.


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    1. Excellent! You certainly live an impressive life and must have mentored multitudes!
      You are a great personality, Ana, you have my respect.
      I pray to know more about you and to walk along some of the paths you walked!

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