They keep saying
“One has to be in the right place at the right time”
All hard work
All wisdom and intelligence
All persistence and diligence
All sincerity and prudence
…sustenance for existence!
To live
“One has to be in the right place, the right time”
Where is the right place?
When is the right time?
I shall know only when I am destined?

If all our labors should be for daily bread…
If we must not bother because we are not called…
What is “hope” for?
Our expectations that came out of the faith in us
Will it also be a part of the treasures to be buried someday beneath the earth?

Yes someday
Oh, that miracles would happened on that day…
And I shall wear a crown of honor…
More of such dreams!!

Is it true that
He who asked shall be given
He who seek shall find?

Perhaps it is not destiny…
One doesn’t need to be at the right place, the right time

To believe is the key!!!
No mountain shall be too high
No obstacles shall be impossible to cross
When the mind is unleashed
The universe gets conquered…
Give me no limits…


It is almost a mystified worry that a lot of folks now believe one has to be at the right place, the right time to be truly rich! To have free money, the type that too much effort is not invested in and there are negligible or practically no questionable involvements in the acquisition!

This worrying situation is strengthened by the fact that most, if not all hard work, intelligence, persistence, perseverance is rewarded with only enough to make a person comfortable, or if he is to have a little above the comfort level and definitely not rich, it will be after lengthy period of years, when the individual must have gotten too old to enjoy the money!

The Subconscious

This erroneous belief which is becoming instituted in the mind has to be corrected.

Human beings should begin to understand that whatever they believe they can do or achieve, once their mind is set upon it, it becomes theirs!

The highest level of the human mind, “the subconscious”, has no limitations!



This post was previously published on my other blog, suspended!)

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