I woke up around 2.20am earlier today, 15/12/18. When I gazed through my window around 2.45am, I saw a brightness. When I went outside to see more, lo and behold, there were so many stars (more than any I have ever seen!) scattered in the sky. I tried to take shots with my phone, but it keeps giving me a dark screen after each shot! I checked the settings, but couldn’t find where/how to make adjustment! It was indeed frustrating!


The night sky was truly starry!

I stayed outside, watching the stars till 6.30am, when the last of them, a particularly bright star gave way to the Sun’s light! I noticed the star in question around 3.30am, close to the horizon, dominating the eastern skies. It (star, probably Venus, or Mercury) actually moved at a low pace towards I believe, the West. I monitored it’s movement up to what I assumed to be 78degrees from 10degress at the horizon, where it turned silvery, like a sickle and vanished from the sky!


Oh, that I were like a star, daring distance and darkness, shining with a twinkle…


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