THE BLUE TREE OF MARS! A Short Story “TOB SHORO” (How Evil Started) And How To End It! (Fiction)



A Short Story
TOB SHORO” (How Evil Started) And How To End It!

This story is short because it is only the background of the main story!

There’s no word for “Tob Shoro” in any other language, except the one in which it is mentioned, which no one knows anything about. The word is commonly heard on the lips of demons who said they also heard it when they came into existence and knows not how it came to be! The closest meaning to it, based on its description is, “Origin Of Evil!”


It is said in the tales of ancient ages gone, that at a certain time, the entire universe was peaceful and blissful. There was joy and festivities in every living life until a certain time, when one of the Elders counseled within his soul to have more powers than the others (there were twelve Elders governing the universe, each as powerful and important as the other). The idea appealed to this Elder (non of the elders is known by any name, because it is sacrilegious to reduce their significance with a name), who decided to devise ways to attain it.

All the powers of the Elders are channeled towards the outside and any slight alteration will be noticed by the others. Non of the Elders tried the alteration. The plan of the power hungry Elder will work by an alteration that will require him to channel his powers inwards. For the other Elders not to noticed, he employed the services of a god (the gods are lesser than the Elders and there are so many of them, each functioning the way they wanted and has from a billion and more angels as servants. This particular god, “Dassa” was not just thrilled by the idea of power, but being singled by an Elder, to carry out a task in the capacity of an ally! That was awesome in itself.


Dassa had to lure six other gods, each with six hundred and sixty six of his angels to a chasm that is opened every twelve hours and closed for same period continuously. The chasm is a place where the Elders go to rest and renew their powers, it has limitless space and can contain as many as one million Jupiter sized planets without a tenth of its space occupied. An Elder can venture into the chasm and do whatever he desired without in any way failing in his function of balancing the universe. Whatever an elder does in the chasm is known and felt by the others, but not so with the gods, who are free to enter the chasm with their angels and do whatever they desired to do without hindrance or disturbance. The gods are however allowed into the chasm by permission from any of the Elders.

The sole purpose of the chasm is for the renewal and refreshment of powers for all the sentient beings.

When Dassa got inside with the other six gods and their angels, he took them deep down the chasm to a considerable depth where he tied all of them in a single bundle with a silver cord he crafted from his blood and the hair of the fiery goddess “Obje”, his most closest ally among the gods. After tying the six gods, he used a short wooden dagger, carved from the woods of a common fruit tree in Avalon(abode of the Elders, gods and their angels), called “Methuselah”, the dagger was later to be known as “Methuselah’s sword”. So many others like it were carved and stored for further use. (It is the only weapon capable of killing, the Elders, gods, angels and demons)

It took only a single blow to kill the six gods and their angels, as they became as one being after being bound by the cord, which is later to be known as “Obje Cord”. None of it’s type was ever produced!

Immediately after Dassa strikes the gods, they all died, with the sword soaking their blood and that of their angels in less than a fraction of a second. (The sword is so crafted to soak the blood of anything it strikes in no time).


Dassa took the sword to the elder, who sucked the blood of the slain gods and he became immediately more powerful than the other Elders, but not more than their combined powers. Seeing his elevation, the Elder demanded for allegiance from the other eleven, who refused and a battle ensued between them, during which the universe shook, mountains fell into seas, volcanoes erupted! It was during this battle that divisions occurred on the earth, which gave rise to islands and continents.


Seeing he will be overpowered, the Elder along with Dassa and his angels, fled to the abode of human beings, the earth.


The other Elders pursued, captured and bound him with the Obje cord and placed him in a dungeon they built for him between Avalon and the earth. Because he is an Elder, it is not possible to take away all his powers, which became very limited, due to the Obje cord (the same cord Dassa used in the chasm), which the Elders charmed with their blood to give it more power.

The Elder cannot go to Avalon but can come to the earth, his appearance hideous and bound with a visible chain. This form embarrasses him a lot and he has since stopped making appearances on earth. However, his trusted vassal Dassa with his angelic hosts, runs all the Elders’ errands, which include causing chaos and disorder, making the universe very difficult for the elders to governed.


In his dungeon, which is commonly referred to as hell, and other such descriptions, is placed Methuselah’s sword on a golden stand, beneath his feet. The sword cannot be wielded by an evil being, be it god, man or angel. And since the elder has compromised his position with evil deeds, he is also incapable of wielding it!

Written in a scroll by the dagger is the instruction on how to use it in destroying the Elder, which states in part that …”to kill the evil Elder, strike him only once on his forehead with whatever amount of strength you wish.
Understand that by killing the Elder, you will grant redemption to him, his blood will be soaked into the sword and he will return to his previous position in Avalon, as free as ever.
…if you killed him, you have freed him from every evil he has ever committed…”

A lot of pure hearted and brave humans have journeyed to the Elder’s dungeon to kill him and free the earth of evil, but weighing the circumstances, changed their minds.


All hope is not lost for the redemption of the earth, cause the Elders summoned some humans to Avalon and gave them a task, along with two gods and their host of angels, which will bring to an end, all the sorrows caused by the evil Elder. The task cannot be carried out by the Elders, cause it will distract their higher duties which they are shorthanded and it(task) will take a period of six hundred earth years to conclude from inception and although insignificant to the Elders, as time has no effect on their duties, it will give an opportunity to the evil Elder and Dassa to do an irredeemable act, during the Elders absence, which as much as three of them will be required to carry out.

The task involved going to a certain planet called Mars by the humans, a place where no god, human or angel has ever been to, a place that is not corrupted by anything.


The humans and party of gods are almost there (Mars), after battling a lot of obstacles posed by the evil Elder and Dassa with his angels and minions (demons)!

Once on Mars, they will be able to notice a tree with blue leaves and blue branches in the middle of a crystal clear shallow pool of water in various sizes. The entire roots of the tree will also be visible in the water. Although it doesn’t dry up, the pool runs for several hundred metres and trails off. Scattered on most parts of the floor of the pool, are crystals that looked like polished diamonds of different sizes from a clenched fist to the head of an adult. The party are to remove seven of those blocks, all of equal shape and size and take to Avalon, where they will be given special entry permission into the chasm of power and once inside, forge a square box(The Box Of Mars), in which to place the evil Elder, who will be capable of using his powers only within the confines of the box, which immediately he (The evil Elder) is placed inside, no god, human or angel can touch, as doing so will mean sudden extinction (not death!).

The box will be kept in a museum in Avalon!


As for Dassa and his angels, a special hunting squad of humans will destroy all of them, using Methuselah’s sword within a six months period after placing the evil Elder in the “Box of Mars” as calculated by the elders and the whole universe will be right again, governed by eleven Elders!


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