Apart from supernatural manipulations or influence, the main thing that determines whatever happens to us, or the quality of our living, are “the choices we make”.

1. All our actions, either good or bad, happened as a result of the decisions we made, based on the situation at that particular time, which also was a choice!

2. The reason why we choose to do the things we do the way we always do is because, most of the choices we make don’t favor us as they are the wrong ones and the mistakes are due to hypocrisy, which is so instituted in all our endeavors that we have accepted it as a priority in life, such that self-deceit, fake or branded lifestyles are now the order of doing things everywhere!

3. Everyone wants to package himself in order to be accepted, which makes it difficult or impossible to make any choice that will not result in the current order!

4. Doing good or bad is truly situational! Everything we do is based on a given situation, but that should not absolve us of the consequences of our actions, as most are the products of misguided or selfish choices.

5. In all that we do, let us always know there will be a prize. Our decisions or choices ought to be weight, so that whatever the outcome is, we should be contented with it.

6. When we make choices, let that be our responsibility. We must not blame anyone or anything, when we are faced with the outcomes.

7. We ought to always put ourselves in other people’s positions, whenever we want to make any choice that relates to them.

8. The law of karma is real! If it doesn’t make any sense, at least the fact that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, which is a certainty, should. Let us all be cautious when making any type of choice!

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