How do you treat others? Is it the way you will have them treat you, or do you treat them the way your mind tells you to?

Human beings are all made of flesh and blood, none of whom is perfect. If we don’t tolerate each other, but always take stern measures whenever our paths are crossed, or an issue is compromised, we are bound to make mistakes we will surely regret or feel bad about.

Always try to reason with others, not only by putting yourself in their position, but try to understand why people do the things they do. Never speculate and don’t conclude matters or issues without knowing the root cause, as it is possible that the thing to spark off a quarrel might not be the real bone of contention, but only a means to an end!

We may have only one life to live, but we can live forever, if we give life enough reason to celebrate us.

Never fail to give a helping hand, cause you don’t know what will happen to your hand on another day.

We must mind what we say or think about others, because they are also capable of doing whatever we can. When you wish evil on a person, how will you feel if an equal fate is prayed for you?

Good things attract good things, while bad things attract bad things!

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