There are so many strange happenings beyond human control and understanding!

Some of these happenings are such that we do not understand why it has to be and often, if we are not there, hardly believed it did!

A lot of the things are beyond our control or modification, like the death of an infant, a person that is very ill and living in pains for years and will eventually die without recovering! And a lot more…

I often wonder why some fools will have so much money,(it’s your guess what they do with it!) or access to power!
Why is it so?

Could it be the way of nature?

How many natural forces control or determined the way life is lived?

Is it possible that if anything is bound to happen, it does, no matter how, or to whom?

What about our existence, what purpose are we serving?

Perhaps someday everything will be laid bare and we will understand why!

But how will the day of awakening be? Is it the same as the end of the world, or is it the end of the world, or an end to general existence of everything therein? Or could it be every life will evolve into another, thus ending the present one? It may even be something unthought of!

If only…

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