A lot of people are ignorant of their existence and the purpose thereof, which is why they have failed consistently in utilising their capabilities, an act that is stagnating higher civilization. Only a few communities and individuals are aware of who/what they are! Such persons walk among others as gods, of whom they have the attributes. They do whatever they desire and attain whatever position they wish to, no matter their physical condition. Those types are above health challenges and always see through every issue with immense ease. They are spiritually sound and very good at drawing from The Energy Within!


There is a force or power within us that we often or always ignore. This element is present in anything that is sustained by the “life force” or life giving energy, which religious adepts refer to as ‘The Breathe Of God!’ This energy is not something we see or even feel, but when it manifests itself, we experienced a sort of change. Simply put, the energy can only be experienced!

There are times when this energy avails itself even without our bidding. This takes place in our “darkest nights!”, of which the naive shuns and delve into deeper darkness! The energy has a form, which is intangible. The nearly appropriate description of this form is inner peace, or peace of mind.


A lot of people have erroneously assumed peace to be a simple situation that is bereft of strife. In truth such (peace), is part of the things that are sometimes attainable through strife, which is a power or radiant spiritual energy.

The energy within is “peace”. It can be cultivated and harvested at such seasons as desired by the individual. The easiest and best way to cultivate peace is by doing activities that puts the mind in a state of joy. One such ways is to focus attention to a particular thought trend, even if it is mere fantasy, as long as it will still the mind, making it calm and peaceful. It could be the thought of a loved one or even an object of one’s desire, but definitely not on anything one is obsessed with. It can also be a position of power, like a pauper or a nobody, an indigene of Kaltungo, imagining himself as the next King of England! This is absolutely impossible, but if such a one can focus his mind on the dream, imagining himself as such a royalty, even surfing on the net as to how the king of England is supposed to be and acting it, the fulfilment thereof will give such a one, peace of mind!

The idea is, when a person keep creating such moments, living it on his mind, it (the mind), which is the seat of the soul, will be enriched and whenever the desire arise, a part of it can be harvested. The remaining are never spoilt and are always as refreshing as any, at a given harvest. The advantage of cultivating peace is that the person that has gathered tons of it can always channel as much as is necessary towards any endeavor. This is like a banking system, an energy bank or reservoir for the soul with an easy and unlimited access.


I am not advocating for laziness or that people should be day dreamers all the time. I’m only trying to suggest a way to utilize the potentials of the mind in a positive way for optimum benefits. There are covetous fantasies which must be avoided at all costs because such is dangerous as it always leads to hatred. A person that creates a fantasy out of envy, will easily turn the person he envies into an enemy. Any negative influence on the mind, diminishes it’s ability!

Whenever a person is down with sickness, even if it is terminal and all forms of medication failed, the only thing that can heal such a person is the power of the mind, which is an absolute and the highest power accorded to living things! It is not only in situations of illness that the energy within can be employed. It can be at any moment, even at political rallies or when a person is in a bad situation.


To those that have not cultivated the energy, it is still out there within our reach and never limited. It appears mostly when we are at our lowest ebb, in great distress or when we are at our peak, in the best of moods. At such times, the only way to access the energy is to listen to the voice within us. This voice is clear and distinct, yet it is only in the stillness of the mind that we can hear and understand it’s presence.

We must try to make use of or create condusive atmospheres where the silence of our souls can thrive. Meditation is the secret key to attaining such standards.

Whoever knows how to pray and meditate can always have access to the energy within, even if he has not cultivated it. It is however of more advantage to cultivate the power and manipulate it as at when due, instead of only being prepared and waiting for a situation to arise before reaching out to the energy through the guidance of the inner voice! The inner voice is ethereal and not ordinarily audible because it is the presence of the subconscious. To be able to hear it, a person must be free from anything that is negative at that particular moment, thus the need to always be in a prayer and meditative state.

“Focused fantasy” is also a form of prayer! When you use your dreams properly i.e. making it work, you will have an extra advantage!

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