Why do some people struggled very hard with a good measure of persistence and suffer a lot, sometimes facing humiliation and disgracing situations before succeeding, while there are those who made little or no(insignificant) effort and yet have succeeded tremendously?

Is there any determining factor for success? Apart from being at the right place the right time, hardwork, perseverance and prayers, are there special things or factors that make people to succeed?

It is often said or even believed that a person must pledge allegiance to some kind of occultic society, a coven or some sort of such Order before success is attained! If the claim is true, question is, what granted such bodies the access to monopoly over human endeavors? Are those groups or whatever they are, not founded by humans? If so, what kind of humans are such that they have as much powers to which even the existence of a lot of people is limited, unless they pledged allegiance to their organizations which are empowered by mystery and human fear?

The Free Masons, Illuminati, Amorc, Scientologists, SeaDogs and a lot of other such organizations that were simply formed for the interests and interactions of the members who are like minded, or have common interests, are now shrouded in mystery and regarded with so much power that in today’s world, there is hardly any success story that is not linked to them or other such bodies as being responsible! How true could this be?

What is the place of God in the success story of human beings? If these bodies are in truth the path or determining factors, are such bodies mediating for, or representing God? Why are they special? Why would God chose them?

Is it also true that God is the final determinant for the general success of all humanity? What happened to direct access to God through prayer?

There is so much mystery in this world that desire understanding, which is yet unknown to man!


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