She could even be an imagination!
Who cares if she is real?
Everything was unto a fantasy…
The claim of her honied spices…
In a dream we created…
Her protruding chest mounds were pyramids of power!!
I sucked at those nipples and she started to moan
Down below, my lips traveled to the navel that is home to all her secrets
She once told me in another dream
In her vee gination, a worthy man can reach the highest points of pleasures!!!
I licked her clits and the moans she released were songs in another world…
The gel she made from the efforts of my tongue tastes like nectar, as it is sweeter than honey
The best part was the plunging…
All our imaginations fused
All of her was me and all of me was her…
We crashed a million times over
We rose and recircled our dream…



Image Credit: depositphotos.com

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