Is there anyone you think you want to be like? Perhaps an achiever?
Will you desire for anyone to be like you, or are you packaging yourself in such a way that someday a lot of people will want to be like you?
Is being like someone the same thing as being the person?
What is wrong in everyone being himself/herself?


Every human being is a unique and separate person!
There is nothing wrong with setting marks or targets, but sometimes they make us lazy by offering the option of limitations! If you set a target for something, there is every likelihood you will draw or employ only enough strength to achieve it, yet targets also help us to be focused and more determined!
If a certain individual is your role model, you may likely do everything possible to be like him, leaving all else and doing nothing to be you!

Always Be Yourself

Who is the role model of the person you are modelling yourself after? If your role model has a role model and that one too has, if you continue the trace, you will reach the one that has none, a self made man! Why not also be like such a one and make YOU, your role model? If you think everyone must have a model that even the self made, have God, is that not a problem? Do you have an issue reaching out to God and making Him your role model? Look inside you and listen to the voice of your subconscious!
Be yourself all the time and excel in whatever you do by putting in your very best. When you learn to draw from the energy within you, you will be worthily inspired.
You really don’t need anyone to set standards for your achievements, neither is there any need to set it for others. Everyone is capable of attaining the highest level of human capacity without looking unto or copying or trying to be like another. All you need is to understand your potentialities…

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