A package is an object, a good, or service, made ready for delivery. Packaging is an act intended to make such goods etc convenient and presentable.

The word packaging has and is still used in different circumstances or situations and even on human beings!

It is good for every human to be presentable, as each of us is in this world for a purpose. Whatever our disposition might be, when we are packaged, we will become acceptable, because we will be in a presentable mode (ready to be delivered for any given task/purpose).

People should not package themselves uniformly (copycats), as situations are supposed to be the determinants of our appearance and everybody is a unique being.

There is inner and outer packaging, where humans are concerned and each is relevant as the other.

Packaging is preparedness! Every person is expected, as a higher animal, to be prepared and equipped all the time for whatever occasion that will present itself. We don’t have to wait until a challenge presents itself before we will start running up and down to seek for a way out. No!

To be prepared all the time simply means to be sound in spirit, body and soul (all three being the inner and outer), in order to be able to maximize the capabilities of our minds.

When a person is packaged, he/she will never have problems with marriage or marrying. Such persons never have to worry about prospective partners because they are ready and equipped, thus sought after. In marriage, they always know how to handle all the challenges, such that they are assumed not to have marital problems.

Such is the case for every other life situation, be it financial sorrows, health challenges, workplace sorrows, even unemployment will not be an issue, cause a packaged person will be able to give employment!

How do we maximize the potentials in us to have an impressive packaging?

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