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Talking is an act of communication through which human beings interact with each other. They do this by creating comprehensible sounds in various forms referred to as language. The mouth is the part of the body that produce sounds, or better still, it is the store room for the instrument that we use in creating sounds, “the tongue”, a very small object with too much power! It builds and it destroys. It has other functions as well.

What do you say when you want to talk? Is it everything you conceived in your mind (the processing engine of thoughts), that you blurt out or do you filter your speech? Some people derived pleasure from talking, they can do so from morning till night and from dusk to dawn, of which much of their utterance will be useless. They often talk because they want to be noticed! Why will you want someone to notice you? An empty vessel they say, makes the loudest noice! Is it possible that those who talk a lot or those that think they must say something anytime they see someone, are empty minded people? Sometimes I also wonder, when people talk and talk and talk! Don’t they get tired? They can repeat something they said, a thousand times in a day without feeling any shame. Although women are more fond of such when they nag, men are also not left behind. Some people are said to inherit talking, that it is in their gene! Wow! Imagine going to a house with up to five people with such an inheritance! Those are the type that derived pleasure from talking, even if what they say is senseless! Still, there are orators, who are capable of talking for hours unending without repetitions and not once will they say anything out of point! Such is called “creative talking”. Orators are brilliant people that like to talk and in order not to be a nuisance, they always organized their utterances. Some of them are so good they earn a living from it!

Most often, it is better to beat a person than to insult him, because when you insult, you do so through speech which goes to the subconscious and it stays there for a long time, sometimes up to infinity, but when you beat, it is the body that takes the pain, which wears off in a short period of time. If scars come with the beating, it will only be remembered when we see them, which are often covered with clothes! Sometimes we make sarcastic utterances even to people we love! We must refrain from such because, spoken words have power and nasty utterances hurt a lot which sometimes leave permanent scars on the heart!

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Those who talk a lot are mostly proud and boastful, like they are on top of everyone in the world. They feel so important that they think they must say something, especially in a gathering. People like that are often humbled with little things, but because they are full of themselves (empty), they never learn, they repeat the same mistakes over and over again because they believe they are the only ones that know! You will hardly hear a word of apology or an act of remorse from such types, they are always irritating and only tolerated mostly because they have money, or are in a position of authority, or they just happened to be around! Even when they know they are only tolerated, they still try to force their presence, thinking they have something to share, or that people enjoy their company, especially when some of the things they say are laughed at, even if it is out of spite, which they will never know, because they see and hear only themselves!

Learn to say little on everything and if you can, don’t say anything. If you have to say something, let your utterances have substance.

‘and in much of your talking, thinking is half murdered. For thought is a bird of space, that in a cage of words may indeed unfold its wings but cannot fly “.(Khalil Gibran, “The Prophet”).


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3 thoughts on “TALKING!

  1. This is good advice, for sure. I like what you said about the tongue being small but has great power. That is so true. It does build and/or destroy. We must be careful what we say because words cannot be taken back once spoken.

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