How best do we express gratitude? What lays in the depth of silences? Can words be understood even when not spoken?

What is revealed when men are praised?

If you can praise and worship such a one as you (human being), what act think ye best for the supreme immortality, the breathe of life, God Almighty?

How lofty is the feeling of being worshiped?

If we must feed our pride and in our drunkenness of self worth insist that mortals as we are, must lift us to the place of gods…
(have we ceased to be? Know ye not that ye are gods?)
What god is that, so incapable of looking after himself?

So what?

If you make another to bow for you, someday you must bow to another…
…oh, much scorn and humiliation shall court the pains of thy shame when the day comes!

Must we then live as equals, loving one another as we would ourselves?

If we seek to know the purpose of creation by yielding to the supreme “Will” of the Divine Creator, we shall doubtlessly understand that with our brief passing lives, all men are equal, the reality of which stares at us in the “wheel of life” where everyone is everything and everyone is nothing!

Will our praises and acts of worship then be only for the One who is worthy?

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