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If it is true that God created “EVERYTHING” in Heaven and Earth, then everything therein belongs to Him!

If He made man in His image and likeness and placed him (man) in the world to represent Him (God) by looking after all the things on Earth, does man really have anything to offer unto God, since even he(man) belongs to God?


Man has been placed in a very difficult position, but not without hope!

For man to be able to run the affairs of God successfully, he ought to submit, open his heart and always try to understand how to feel the Holy presence of God in him and all he does, by supercharging his (man’s) spirit through the supernatural act of “PRAISE AND WORSHIP!” which pleases God a lot and attracts awesome blessings and bonuses!

It is also wise to learn how to be still and listen to God and be able to talk with Him by always being prayerful!

Always give praise and thanks unto God for all things!

Because our lives should be filled with prayer, there must not be time or space for hatred, anger, malice, or any emotion that is capable of dulling our spirits and incapacitating same from functioning properly!


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