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Dear God in heaven, no one should appear before thee for any purpose and go back the same. It’s either You grant the person’s desire or give more than You are asked of, if the person praying is pleasing unto thee, for thou art pure and holy!

Do not let thy believers to be scorned and laughed at, for unbelievers might wonder at the spread of thy glory and assumed a limitation of thine power!

You are awesome and thy presence is Holy! All thy names are Holy! Mentioning such(Thy name) for any purpose ought to have a significant spiritual response, not to talk of appearing in thy presence by whoever is fortunate enough to!

Would you desire sacrifices, some bribe, before you grant that which men seek from thee? How much money is there in this world capable of enticing thee? Will blood sacrifice mean anything to thee when it is thine breathe that gives life to every living thing?

Oh, father God in heaven, reach out to the poor and hungry, especially children, may they feel the harmony of thy compassion. Take off our shoulders, the burden of the sorrows and despair we bear!
Dear God, that wars, all wars should give way to peace, AMEN!!!

Why would thy holy throne and the powers thereof not be glorified? Have thou forgotten how thou spoke the entire universe into existence? Is everything in heaven and earth not part of thee and thine? Does it not grieve thee that thine beautiful creation which thou makest in thine image is becoming desolate? If no one or nothing shall wonder and ask why thou abandoned the works of thine hands, allow the pains and sufferings of little children, even the ones that walk barefoot and sleep in the streets, move thine awesome heart to the larger compassion of agape love by availing them out of such!

Beloved Father God, make me a part of the beautiful vision for the transformation of this earth into the glorious Haven of thine desires. Enable me to understand or see the means through which thou provided unto thine chosen ones for this special act. Glorify thy spirit in me!

Thank You, Jesus, thank You Holy Spirit, thank You God Jehovah, in Jesus name, Amen!!!


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