Inferiority complex is a an act of the mind common among individuals that never had the opportunity to believe in themselves, their abilities and capabilities. People like that are always following the lead of those they believe are better than them, even when the supposed heroes are not doing the right thing. Everyone is great and can excel in whatever he does, if he so desires. It is important to teach a child to have confidence and faith in himself, so that he doesn’t become a slave to other people. When a child has so much confidence in his parents, best friend, aunt, uncle or siblings, if he keep seeing them smoke all the time, he will also do it, thinking it is the best. Such is the power of image.

Loneliness is a terrible thing, it has caused a lot of problems among families and in individuals. What about a very old person, who is likely to be alone all the time? It is still the same routine, ‘what you think and conceived in your mind’. I will always insist that age is just a number. If you think and believe you are too old to do anything, so be it! Not being lonely does not mean having people around you all the time. It is possible to be surrounded all the time with people and still be lonely and it is also possible for you to be alone always and not be lonely. What then is loneliness? It is simply an emptiness somewhere within our makeup. If a person does something bad and everybody around deserted him, he may go to a secluded place to brood and in his mind, he is likely to assume he is alone, or a bachelor may likely claim to be terribly lonely because of the absence of a partner. All of the instances can lead to loneliness, as they are a result of an emptiness created by absence. The only problem is the way we see and define loneliness. We are always attributing it to moments of physical separation. In truth such times only leads to loneliness.

A lonely person is a spiritually deficient person.

A lot of things leads to loneliness, whose main point of operation is the mind. If your mind is deprived of positive activities, it will do the negative. An inactive mind is a lonely mind. Because there is no activity, frustration sets in. A frustrated person has nothing to offer, and so his complexity dampens and become inferior!

Always always make sure you create the opportunity to train your wards to develop a positive self image in order to fit in properly into anywhere they find themselves. As far grown ups, you are only as old as you desire to be! Learn to cultivate interests in the ordinary things around you, when your eyes get opened, you will be surprised as to what you would have missed. Do not idle your lives away, it is not late for self discovery. Know who or what you are and grow in the image and likeness of God!


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