How To Know People By What They Say About You!!!


Gossiping is a wonderful art! It surprises me when people worry to the point of building mountains out of mole hills just because someone said something about them. I know there are image damaging gossips that are sometimes irreparable, but people ought to know and understand that whoever talks about them, either positively or negatively, gives them immense power! Only those of whom you are above, can talk about you! If you are bold like me, always give people something to talk about you! They will not only make you powerful, but popular as well!

When people tell or circulate lies about you, cheer up, cause they are simply turning you into a mythical figure!

There’s this myth that a friend told me someone created about me and the person swore it was a fact! He told my friend that he heard the story from a reliable source, not that he was present when it was happening, nor was he in the story. The myth was that ;
“everyday when I wake up in the morning, there’s a special clay gourd which I hold with both hands and walk backwards for five hundred metres (half of a kilometer!). That during the walk, I don’t utter a single word to anyone, because if I do, I will die! Also that people can’t eat food in my house because if they do, something will happen to them! The myth creator said it was a covenant that I entered into, although he didn’t say whether it was with him or with someone or something. My friend said he tried to argue with the myth master, that he (my friend), has for over a thousand times came to my house in the morning, sometimes he is even the one that wakes me up from sleep, but has never seen me do the said ritual and he cannot count the number of times he ate food in my house, but the young master stared him in the eye and told him he (my friend) was lying! Awesome story, ain’t it? A former Nigerian leader once said that of all the sobriquets attributed to him, the one he liked most is ‘the evil genius!’ Like him, of all the myths I heard about myself, I like this the most! The young man has talent and is highly creative! This is an award winning story, movie standard!

In a scenario where a band of witches or cult members tried killing you by diabolic means and failed even after several trials and they inflicted you with all forms of sicknesses, using supernatural means, which you scaled through! What do you think their reaction will be, especially if you are not a hypocrite? You don’t force yourself into doing religious things, you are not regular even at Church attendance or praying in the mosque, but you are at peace with yourself and with God. Because these types are at the forefront of religious practices which they used, to veil the evil in them, they will conclude that you are a bigger demonic worshipper, believing there is a place you go, to seek powers from. They will not Link you with the Almighty God, the source of all powers, because they have never believed in Him! They will envy and fear you, spreading and creating all sorts of myths instead of repenting, because they are devilish! The truth is, you are a free human being with full mental faculties and very connected with God whom they do not know, nor worship! They will stop at nothing till they destroy you, because you are more than them, they will try to frame you, even accusing you of killing and doing all the diabolical acts they do, but He who is in you is greater than he that is in them, you will always be vindicated, cause the truth will never be suppressed.

These evil people don’t believe anything can be done extraordinarily except by diabolic practices. Anytime anyone excels in anything, they will claim that the person is a witch or member of an occult society! Even healing and deliverance that some truly anointed men of God do, are said to be by demonic powers, rubbishing the Lord Jesus when he said the faithfuls after him will be capable of doing greater miraculous deeds than His’! They don’t believe people can fall sick or die except by demonic or witchcraft powers, because that is what they do (Killing and inflicting people with various ailments)!

The Bible says it is from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh! Most, if not all the time, what people say about us are the things they do, or desire and are planning to do! Whenever you hear anyone says anything about you, know for sure that is exactly who or what he is!

When people envy you or your lifestyle which they covet and when they try to copy it and failed, you will become their enemy. For how can you have it and they don’t? They will start spreading malicious rumours about you! The only thing they can spread very well are the things they are good at, theft, prostitution, occult practices, witchcraft, adultery, fornication, just all the things that they are very good at, they will use, to paint your colors with.

Another compelling force on the act of gossip is idleness. The book of Proverbs said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop! Idle people are easily prone to different sorts of things. Because they refused to find worthy tasks to do, the devil gives it to them!

Whatever it is that a person sows, he shall surely reap. When you keep spreading lies and malicious rumours on people, God will allow you to live long enough to hear all the lies you spread being spread of you and the way people will gossip about you will be so much that you will hardly want to move around cause wherever you go, fingers will be pointed at you, while people whisper and laugh behind your back or to your face!

Nemesis will always catch up with gossipers, backbiters, rumour mongers and liers! The myths that will be created on them will be bigger than the ones they created on other people!

There are people that malicious lies have been spread about, yet when they hear lies being spread on another, they believed and help spread it too! The reason why the lies were spread of them is payback! They have been doing the things they were accused of, but at the time of the lie, they were innocent, or they are wicked people who do a lot of dark deeds and so if they heard that someone has done what they are doing, they will be happy about it and even spread it more, hoping to distract people from themselves, or create self solace!

Beware, the evil that men do, lives after them!! All of us (humans) are men!!!



Image Credit: Google Pictures



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