Bootlickers, timeservers and even “busy body” are terms used on people that perform the hypocritical act of “eye service”, a situation where an individual is always performing a willing service, to which at the slightest chance will turn against the master, the sort of service where the heart is not there!

The reason why most people perform this type of service is that they assumed it might impress the person for whom they do it to, thus earning them his/her favor or benevolence. It is why an elderly person or a parent would stoop so low before their children, just because they needed a favor, or a highly educated person bowing to an illiterate politician, or rich man, because of power or money!

The most surprising thing in all of this is the fact that although their services are voluntary, deep within, their heart boils with irritation and anger towards the masters and themselves for not being able to control what compels them to such base acts.

Often in their songs, you will easily detect the falsely veiled note and in their smiles and laughter, you can see the agony and feel the frustrations!
Why would they not refuse to yield to whatever is driving them?

The spirit of greed can be overwhelming, when given the opportunity to possess anyone. Often, it is those who do not accept who or what they are(the discontented), in order to make positive use of their situations that usually fall prey to such a spirit.

People should learn to accept to live within their means, in order not to be enslaved!
It is true that we sometimes must stoop low to the arrogant and self possessed, for just a time, to get what we want, as a strategy to overcome them.
In a situation where we are always doing the same thing, those to whom we do it, also notice such and are sometimes irritated, which is why they mostly throw(not give), peanuts to the eye servers! Is it worth the humiliation? What is the glory in a service where no party is fulfilled?
Eye servers are very wicked! They have no conscience, they will always compromise and accept a price for the crucification of their masters, whose songs they sing only to his hearing and when he turns, stab his back!!!

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