If it is not for those dreary nights when one gets desperate to hold someone in his arms, to feel and enjoy the warmth of human flesh on flesh.

If it weren’t for the need to sometimes talk to someone, person to person, sharing views and ideas.

If only it were not good for a man to be alone…

I would have desired to remain as I am, “single and lonely!”

Why would silence and living a solitary life not be the best?

But the lonely nights, they are the worst of all! Sometimes it tarried too long like it wanted to last forever!

When can I have someone to hold in my arms again?

I feel so alone…

5 thoughts on “SINGLE AND LONELY!

  1. You have a very beautiful and brave heart and I know that, somewhere, maybe closer than you imagine, someone is searching for the same love that you dream of. It’s a matter of time and faith…be sure that your loneliness will be replaced by pure joy and fulfillment. Until then and beyond, you’ll be in my prayers. Stay blessed!

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