The beauty that is seen in the world is due to self sacrifice!

Some special individuals, those that understand their worth as human beings have made sacrifices for mankind by refusing to do what the general public accept as best practices, but doing what they believe in and excelling to the point that they shared their joy with the rest of humans by making the earth more conducive to live in.

Have you ever cared to stand out, to be different and not conform to the way people do things generally? Why would many be called and few get chosen? Is it not because people are in the habit of following the crowd, thus doing whatever goes, good or bad that they often get doomed?

Those who stand out are often successful in life, they are the patient types, who made sacrifices and are responsible for almost every worthy innovation on the planet! Apart from material gains that comes with the successes, there is the priceless joy of fulfillment, which is also due to knowing what was done is the right thing!

The gains we enjoy best, which lasts over the stretch of lifetimes are from “pure labours!” being those times we put in our all, doing things we enjoy, making sacrifices without cutting corners or involved in any form of corruption to attain our exalted status!

Will you begin to be different? Are you willing to make/do things for the benefit of others?

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