You will never truly understand what nothing is until you actually have no thing, which is not having a thing!

It is a situation of emptiness, almost a despairing one.

One such moments is when you are hungry and cannot afford to eat, cause you have no access to food! You can’t see it and even if you do, you cannot buy because you have no money!

There are situations however, where you may have more money than you can ever dream of, enough to buy food for a million people over a lifetime, but you cannot be able to eat even a mouthful, you cannot drink, can’t even talk, yet alive cause you have turned into a vegetable! This too is also the same as not having anything at all!

Those of us that think we have, ought not to boast over our possessions, because those we think do not have didn’t asked to be in their positions and can someday be the ones that have, while we will have nothing!

At all times, we should endeavor to show an act of kindness, doing it without caring if the recipient reciprocate or not. Our seeds ought to be sowed with the hope of reaping in posterity! Who knows what tomorrow has in store for us? Remember, no condition is permanent!

There are different moments of nothingness and each, rightfully so.

Having nothing is not a bad thing, it is a situation of life designed to give substance or importance to having something! In other words, nothing is as important as something. It is like empty and full. So, do not feel as if you have the world, when you have, cause without those that don’t have, you will be irrelevant!

In meditation, emptying the mind, making it blank as in nothing on it is very vital to the process!

Point is there is something in nothing!

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