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Noise making can be an art, when properly packaged, like producing sound from musical instruments, or when a song or even a joyful sound is made! Such are some examples of positive noisemaking.

There are certain noises that are made in the form of speech or little remarks, which are either senseless or they lack motivation, such that even if they are instructional, will compel an individual to act oppositely.

The Irritation!
Those nasty noises made in the form of nagging or very unnecessary instructions from bossy folks or those craving for notice are capable of crawling on the skin, pierce it to reach and corrode the heart.

When you live with or around people with such tendencies, life will be dreary for you, such that you may occasionally wish for your dead or that of your antagonists, who whenever they give you a moments peace, you will feel a sort of heavenly relief!

Sometimes even orators can be a bore to the spirit, as it is possible for one to despise incessant noise, even if it is creative, as long as it is a continuous trend.

There is no match for “silence”, which is a golden treasure!

If you are the type that likes making noise, try as much as possible to package your craving in such a way that you may occasionally be rewarded with a good price!

If you are too lazy and feel your tongue must have all the powers it desires, while your mind stays numb, I urge you to please employ occasional restraint, because your noise making, which only dulls your spirit, depresses another person’s own, killing him harshly, cause it acts slowly.

Do not be too self conscious, even if you are the only person that knows everything, there are people who have no business with your knowledge, because it can never affect them in anyway. Stop being a “busy body”, forcing or concerning yourself with other peoples affairs, who can be better off without you. Learn to always place or imagine the other person in your place and your possible reaction.

Most of the bores of this world are those who think too highly of themselves and have the fallacious belief that they are the only ones capable of doing things better, or right! What a pity!

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