Irresponsible Lover!

Irresponsible Lover!
This is funny…

You have made it clear is not me that you want, you keep avoiding me at every possible opportunity, and because I am not desperate, I made sure you succeeded!


There are things that trouble me, which I hope irritates you, cause it often make me feel irritated! It’s what I feel inside me each time I think of you or whenever I see you and especially if you smiled at me! I feel like it’s impossible for me not to love you! You sometimes make it worse when you give me special attention, even making sure our eyes locked!

Honestly I enjoy being alone with my fantasies, even of you, cause there is scarcely any financial involvement!

I love you, but I will rather it stays in the heart and occasionally appear on the lips, only as flattery to the ears!

Don’t get me wrong, you are very beautiful and desirable, every bit the goddess you are, and I would like to spend every moment of my life with you, but you just have to understand that although financial obligation is part of it, I hate emotional responsibilities!

Act more and pray harder for us never to be together as a couple!!!

This is funny…

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