One of the highest privilege and honor that anyone can do to another is to call a person by their name!

Has anyone, big or small ever called you by your name? How did you feel at the time?

The way a person ought to feel when called by name depends on the importance or status of the caller! A person’s position is exactly the position or upliftment that the called is supposed to feel or experienced, when called. If a pauper or a child calls you by name, at the time of calling, the powers of the name will be invoked based on the status or position of a pauper or that of a child and same goes for a king, calling you by name!


If the claim is true, imagine a moment when the Creator of all the heavens, the earth and the whole universe, God Almighty, calling you by your name!

When God, the source of every power calls you by your name or gives you another name and calls you by it, you will be established throughout eternity!

*By” or *With”

What does it actually mean to be called, not “with” a person’s name, but “by” the name? Is there any difference?

To be called “with” a name, simply means to be called with a word that identify a person, but to be called “by” the name of a person means defining and giving life to the meaning of the name and attaching or wishing it on the individual. Another way to put it is to say that the meaning of the name is invoked and allowed to act the moment the name is called!


Always give and desire names with powerful meanings and significance! If you know a person’s name, always call such a one by it, for in so doing, you are praying and wishing the attributes of the name upon such a one each time you say it!

If your name does not have a good meaning or it’s relevance is weak, change it to a powerful one!

A name should have an origin, significance as well as a meaning, e.g.
Origin: Greek
Significance: Ambitious, Logical, Practical
Meaning: Seemingly obstinate in nature, but a strong willed character!

When Praying

Always pray to God to give you a new name like Jacob, whose name He changed to Israel, or invoke the powers in your name and call you by it!

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