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A lot of people keep saying that their love is not for sale.

I belong to the school of thought that believes love to be a pure natural force that is unaffected by material things, but I keep getting shocked and surprised when I see the people that are always claiming to be in love behave. Their affections towards each other is conditional. Whenever money is available, the endearments are usually strong and pronounced, but when there is little or no money, the relationship gets strained and seemingly being forced! This is applicable even among some married folks that are seen as successfully married!

Is it possible that people mistake sensual feelings and relationships with love?

It is easy for people of both sexes to be weakened or softened towards anyone that shows benevolence, just like a bribe!

If someone tries to bribe another, or attempts to buy sexual pleasures indirectly, the vendors often mistake such commercial transactions for love, especially if the costumer tried to be romantic or subtle.

People should begin to be practical in their actions and stop veiling or pretending things that are not! Anything that is worth doing is worth doing well! If you like somebody’s pocket, don’t say you are in love with such a one, simply say you are in love with the person’s pocket, or if a person looks sexi and is always turning you on, just say you are in lust with such a one!



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5 thoughts on “FAKING LOVE!

  1. Stop faking, say exactly what turns you on,,,, pocket content, family background, physical structure, pen mastery, etc
    Where will the love be, if those factors withered?
    On point, thank you for the apt reminder.
    I wish all of us will read to heed to reforms therein.

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