Facing Problems


Facing Problems

Since the beginning of all vices is the home and it is true that the family is partly responsible for character formation of an individual, if a person is born with negative characters will he remain that way forever, since his situation is supposedly hereditary? It is possible to be born with bad genes, cause there are instances of infants born to drug addicts being addicted at birth! Yet it is possible to adopt a positive self image no matter a person’s circumstance. People are not born with habits. Vices, bad behavior and the likes are things human beings acquire in the course of growth. The individual is the most important attraction in all of these, with the mind as the manipulating force.

The thought process of an individual is very important and it is possible to fashion a particular trend of thinking for someone, it is called “auto suggestion”. Even then, such can only last for a limited period of time, depending on the individual’s mind frame. Some people are strong willed, while others are not. If a person can be helped by changing or redirecting his thinking through auto suggestion from negative to positive, that would be a good shot for such a one to purge his mind of whatever bad traits he inherited and develop a positive mental attitude.

Inferiority complex and frustration easily weakens the mind, giving way to illogical thinking that often leads a person along the wrong path. When the individual begins to have doubts about himself and someone starts telling him who or what he is supposed to be, there is a problem. The way an individual thinks is what he is. If positive thoughts are the constituents of an individual’s thinking pattern, such a one will be positive in whatever he does. The things we do are the results of what comes out of us (our mind). Which is why a frustrated person will easily become an alcoholic, so that he will always be drunk, hoping to avoid his problems, instead of facing it.

The environment can cause frustrations. It could be the house a person live in, a compound, or place of work. Instead of facing and solving our problems, we often run from them and get frustrated eventually. Those that had proper upbringing, hardly get frustrated, because they were raised up to develop a positive self image, which always enable them to accept and easily tackle any situation. If you are not fortunate to have a good background, the best way out for you is to learn to have “interests in common things”, which will keep your mind gainfully occupied, the satisfaction of which will give you joy all the time.

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