GRAVES; Exit Points?

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exit points?
I was just wondering if graves could be an exit point out of this earth, or from a particular life pattern to another, for those who die. Just like the point of shifting from one plane to another.

Such an exit point might not be favorable for those that are cremated and their ashes scattered either from a plane or in an orchard or a garden. Where will their exit point be? Better those that are cremated and the ashes buried or laid in a boat and allowed to sail on rivers (so poetic!), their exit point will be the river!

Silver Cord

It is said that there is an ethereal silver cord that connects the spirit soul to the physical body, which takes fourteen days to be severed, when a person dies. If this is true, then the exit is supposed to be the point where the body is, on the day of the severance.

As for the body that is cremated in less than fourteen days after death and the ashes immediately scattered in the atmosphere from an aircraft, or a person that fell into the sea or a river and different water creatures ate up the body, how will the silver cord be severed and from which point?

It is often said that the silver cord will be severed from the point where each individual’s umbilical cord was cut. Is it not OK to say that wherever that part of the body where the umbilical cord is, on the fourteenth day after death be the person’s exit point?


Not all graves are exit points, they are homes for our corpses, where they (corpses) eventually decomposed and fused into it’s larger self, the earth. It can be said that graves are fusion points, where all bodies eventually merge with the substance it is made of!

Exhuming a grave for the remains to be buried in another place might not make much or any difference, if the exit point is a focus for consideration.

Spirit World and Demons

Where does the spirits go to after death? Do they communicate with the living? How? Why was ancestral worship so common in the past, especially among Africans? Were they really communicating with the dead ancestors? Is it still practiced? What are the results?

Is it possible that demons are the ones that respond in place of the spirits of the death when contacted? What do they(demons) gain? Does that go for the spirits mediums reach out to, for people? Was it then a demon that appeared to the witch at Endor for Saul and not Samuel’s spirit?

Perhaps all spirits of the dead are demons and they are actually the ones in that world! Shall we then turn into demons when we die?

Exit Points and Connection With the spirits of The Dead

Is there any connection between the spirit of the dead and its point of exit? Will there come a time when the spirits can find their way back to the earth through those exit points?



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