The goldfish can never have a hiding place because wherever they go and no matter how they tried to conceal themselves, their golden nature will always exposed them, and this is not because they want it to be so, it’s just that they have no choice!
How much of a goldfish are you? What is it about you that stands out in plain sight of everyone that there is no way of hiding it?
The goldfish is beautiful to behold and a very special type of fish, which doesn’t have to blow its trumpet because it has everything that will enable it to stand out and attract just anyone! In other words, others will have to blow the trumpet for the goldfish!
Who blows your trumpet? Is it you or others?
Being Invisible
How do you act or present yourself to the public? Do you dress lavishly in flashing garments and noticeable shoes? How do you wear makeups? Is it the obvious type that whoever sees you knows you have it on, or is it sparingly and barely noticeable?
Are you the loud type? Do you make noise or even say irrelevant things or comment in every conversation because you want to be noticed?


Being Relevant
It is not necessary to make noise or force yourself on others or over any situation, because it is very stressing and whatever you forced yourself upon is often always bitter to chew. The negative forces that will accompany it is destructive!
Do not dress to be noticed or attract any attention, dress freely and self conveniently. Act and behave naturally and you will be invisible, because gold and glitter always attracts, as such if you are sparingly or naturally natured, those that do not need to know about your presence, the pests, will not know!

The most important way to be relevant is to be yourself and be good at what you do! You will always be relevant and those who need to know you will always seek you out, even if you are not willing like the goldfish, to be noticed!

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