Give me silence
Let the stillness in me lure your passions
Oh, that the unspoken perversion in my heart were to be bared…
My strength is in the unspoken…
Look into my eyes
Pore at such secrets as are hidden within
Could you see the Shadow of my soul?

Days without number
My anxieties piled

Where is the place of dreams in the hollowed ramblings of the noise you make?
That you could take a peek into my thoughts
How could my hatred be blackened with too much talk?
As if I have never spoken in all the days I existed
It was even said of silence to be golden…

I shall cherish every coin…
I desire to be wealthy…
A common thing among humans!!

Why were you thinking I was wretched?
You said every word that crossed your mind

The pages written of stories told about you…
Didn’t know you made little use of your brains
You are so fickle…

Must you fight anyone that laughed when your sorry songs gave pleasure to the maidens of our city?
Look at you
How long shall your will endure your myopic war?
As if it is my duty to forget your joys when other people had lesser misfortune…

He who kills by the sword…

Now I have turned into a town crier
Telling the truth has turned into gossiping

Those that must not be spoken of speak naught of others
Some there are who lived unspotted lives in the beauty of silence

You are so gullible
Is it not your foolish pride and vain utterances that is causing you sorrows?line
Oh, that you had known…

Now your linens are dirty
Yet you desire the best songs when the gates of the city square gets opened!!!

Give me silence…

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