Hide Not, Nor Conceal Love…!


Hide Not, Nor Conceal Love…!


Love can not be hidden or concealed
It screams in the eyes…
It shines in a smile…
Oh, how it trembles even in the softest of voices!

Love is free, it cannot be held captive…

Because it is overcoming, non can overcome it…
Powers yield to it…
It’s passions all encompassing

In the highest heights
In the deepest depths
You will find it everywhere
Its pure aura refreshing and reinvigorating

Every living thing feels it

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Every substance is aware of it
Still, only the worthy enjoy its patronage…

If it deems thee fit
Would thou know ways of hiding it?
Thine eyes shall disgrace thee…
Thy smiles shall disgrace thee…
Thine voice shall disgrace thee…

Think ye not of killing it, because it is deathless!!
No grave has yet held it, non can dare to!!!

You that is chosen
Do not only dream and fill thy mind with thoughts of the beloved
Enjoy the fullness of its joys and sorrows

Everything comes with a price…

Dance in the city square…
Sing in the streets…
Wary not of heartbreak
Some hearts get stronger only when broken
Cry quietly in darkness of nights
Hide your tears, for you may yet love again…

Such awesome uncontrollable feeling…

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