What is a dream? If dreams do exist, do they come true? Is it possible not to dream at all? A dream is simply a series of mental images occurring during sleep or a state of mind characterized by abstraction and release from reality. This is saying there are two types of dreams, the conscious dream and the unconscious dream.
Everybody dreams when asleep, because we all have the subconscious and it is every moment of our sleep state that is involved in dreaming. We can know if it is true that we all engaged in dreams when we sleep, if we can be able to remember bit by bit all our conscious activities from when we wake up in the morning till when we fall asleep. All humans dream, those that do not are in truth not humans, like the “tokolosi’s”, or zombies, vampires, etc. Our dreams are not a replay of our conscious activities, they are often independent and sometimes organic, i.e. dreams that occur due to alterations in the flow of blood to the brain. Some dreams are prophetic and sometimes occur as visions, while others are mere activities of the subconscious. In most cases the meaning of a dream is the opposite of what transpired during the dream state. The dreams we mostly remember are those we did before waking up or immediately after falling asleep because it is at these times that the conscious either turn into the subconscious or the other way round, the times when our memories are beginning to get strong, or when it is about to be weakened.
Conscious dreaming is “fantasy”, often referred to as “day dreaming”. It is the dream we do in our awakened state, which sometimes could produce results that are positive or negative. There are senseless daydreams that are neither productive or destructive, they are fantasies we engaged in to kill away time (it is productive, since it kills time huh?), such are lazy dreams! The productive dreams are exceptionally creative. They are moments of intensive mental activity that is meditatively inclined. Those dreams are the source of most of the extraordinary things we see around us. A lot of the inventions we see were first dreamt of before they were turned to reality. Most of our imaginations are often a portion of our daydreams!
If we want, the dreams we create can come true! Dream with faith and remember to wake up in order to put the dream to work!

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