MUST PEOPLE DIE?


Why are people not living their days as long as they desire to and die only when they want to?
Must people die? Is there no alternative to death?
It is said that people don’t actually die, but are transformed when they cease to exist in their present form!
If this is true, could life be in stages? If life is in stages, no one ought to bother about heaven and hell, but rather esteem the law of karma as the highest level of judgment!
Why are the days of man on earth so brief and the hereafter said to be for eternity, that is if reincarnation is to be disregarded. Could it then mean that the life after death is the last stage?
What about reincarnation, is it not easily explained by extraordinary familiarities of places visited for the first time or of relating with total strangers?
Our morality should then be guided by our subconscious!
Death then becomes necessary for the continuity of life!

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