REVEALED! Why People Seek Miracles!!!



Why People Seek MIRACLES!!

I remember sometimes back, when we went to a remote place in one of the villages of Billiri, a Tangale town in Gombe State, to get miracle healing. The place is a small shallow well, about 1.5metres wide and 9ft deep, in the hills near Ayaba village.
The story was that a certain partially blind Fulani man was passing along the dirt road in the hills with a little boy guide when he felt thirsty. They sat down under a tree and a few feet away, the blind man smelled water and asked the boy if he could see a particular shrub around. He described it and the boy looked around and found it. Since there was still some distance to cover till they reached their home, they decided to dig the earth for water, cause it is said that wherever that shrub grows, water will certainly be found. They used sharp rocks and a cutlass which Fulani men often carry on them to do the digging which didn’t take long before they found some water.
Shortly after drinking the water, the blind man claimed his sight got restored and immediately, they left the place to Ayaba village where he told his friend, a Tangale man about it and the man went there with his sick son who they claimed got healed at once after drinking the water and that was how the news spread. A lot of people in the village that had various ailments went. Because the first hole that was dug is small, it was expanded by the digging tools the people went with. Within a short time the news spread to Billiri and other places including Kaltungo where I live.
Early the next day, nearly five hundred people went there for the water, which some people took various containers for. I also heard the news from my cousins who are from Billiri and along with my friend Bobby Longs, we went. On our way, we picked my cousins and about five of us went to the village of Ayaba. When we got there, we were told that the Mai Tangle was also there earlier in the morning to see for himself, as the place is within his Maidom.
We parked at Ayaba and trekked for about four kilometers to the hills where we met people, some leaving while others waited in groups for the water to gather so that they can fill their containers and leave. By then about three different wells of almost the same depth have been dug.
We also waited. When it was our turn, we gave the Sarkin ruwa our containers to fill, which he did. Each well had one Sarkin ruwa and they were the only ones allowed in to fetch the water, for the purpose of orderliness, although some people entered. I also did when there were less people.
I don’t know if I was supposed to notice something after drinking the water, cause nothing happened, I went to a nearby tree and removed all my clothes and did a sprinkle bath with the water, but I didn’t notice anything. I don’t know if my friend and cousins did, I didn’t ask them. One of them had pimples on her face and she rubbed wet clay from the well on the pimples after drinking the water, but I didn’t see any changes immediately and even after several months had passed.
Some people came from further away, and I didn’t see anyone that professed to being healed of any disease! I didn’t even see the man whose sight was said to have been restored, but I met people who said they saw him!



What is in a miracle? Why do people rush to any place they hear a miracle has happened or is taking place?
Most humans and all the people that rush to where miracles are taking place are those that desire a shortcut or the fastest way out of the situation that prompted their desire for the miracles. We always want the easy way out!
People go to Prophets, Shamans, Monks, Gurus, Magicians, Marabouts, Babalawos, Ananbidoks, Magicians, Mediums, Gypsies, Witches, Wizards etc, in order to get solutions out of a situation they feel requires extraordinary attention and expedient action. It is thus not only for an easy way out that people seek miracles, but also because they wanted a supernatural way out of a difficult or extraordinary situation!
Miracles happened due to the faith within the person to whom the miracle took place.
It is true that our desire not to accept or face realities as to our true nature (spirit beings), are the things that drives us to seek for miracles elsewhere. Human beings hate realities. We will rather be lied to and die than to be told the truth and live! Most, if not all the miracles that happened to us or anyone, happened because at the point of occurrence, the recipient’s mind had reached full maturity!
It is sad that we don’t want to develop ourselves. We are often too lazy, thus we wait until we have a situation or when we hear there’s something or someone that can do the extraordinary for us, before we take actions to which the results are usually as a result of the outputs of our inner energies or spirit soul.
If we can prepare ourselves by having inner peace, being in tune and control of all the faculties of our minds, we will not bother to seek for any miracle because we are going to be the miracles! Nothing shall be beyond our capabilities, which is God’s plan for every human being!
Man has limited himself for far too long. We are lords, masters and gods of this earth, this awesome place with a lot of mysteries set for our pleasure by the life force, God the creator. All we need to do is to accept and act our roles!
A negligible few amongst us have claimed their place and inheritance on this earth, they are full gods! They are not limited by the cares of this world, hatred, anger, slothfulness, disease, wickedness, envy, just name them. They are living on air, as in floating (free existence). They don’t have to hoard or amass wealth because it is there for them. They do not worship money because it worships them!!!

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