ABSTRACT THINKING


There are times when humans feel hard hit by events that culminates in sorrows which makes it difficult for them to cope with life. Even those that are spiritually sound overcome such moments miraculously, the weaker ones seldom do and often end up with drugs.

I wonder why God will not just release enough power that will force everyone to be good, since He is responsible for all of us (His breathe!). It is said that “for God so loved the world!”, If He loves the world, He should not allow sin to dominate us the way it is doing, although He sent His son to carry all the burden, He should do more, by automatically changing man’s will, so that Christ’s blood would not have been wasted on only a few folks that will make it to paradise. The actions of men as humans are contextually limited. How can man so greedy, flimsy and feeble, withstand sin with all its goodies, these desirous things that gives endless pleasures while the act persist, even if it dooms at the end?

How can God be happy with majority of His creation in hell with Satan? Is there any balance? Is the devil so special that he will be allowed the privilege of more followers? Very few will make heaven if sin is a barrier. Yet God laboured for man because He loveth him (man)! It will not be ok for the devil to reap the benefits! All this might, this power He has (He only spoke and the earth came into being!), can’t He just banish hell, evil and wrong everywhere? Yes He can, but the ways of God are not the ways of man huh?

The privilege of choosing between good and evil is not the best for humans, and although we are created in His image and likeness, we are imperfect hollows and not capable of standing on our own. Whatever actions we take are not likely to be absolute! Our entire livelihood revolves around “change”. Human beings do not have the capability to be righteous for too long.

If only all persons, notwithstanding their inhibitions, will have brand new hearts and eternal liberty, it shall be awesome and all He need to do is for God to say, “Let it be so”!

It shall be a victory unto Satan to have more followers in hell and a serious loss unto God with just a few followers in heaven! (many are called, but few are chosen!). His thoughts are not our thoughts!

God, I am on your side, uplift and forgive all mankind, by automatically removing sin in them! Establish thy kingdom upon the earth. More people are being born everyday, and although a lot are dying, the world’s population keeps growing and sin is not just rampant, it is being accepted. Do not let us perish, Speak, oh Alpha and Omega, for thou so loved the world!!!”

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