AGE: just a number?


                                   AGE: just a number?


One is said to be wise when he has white/grey hair, which is often as a result of the accumulation of years of living on earth! I have come across several young people below the age of forty, having the hairs of their head completely white. Also in recent times, a lot of people below fifty years have lots of grey and white hair. Could all those be packed with wisdom?

Why is it assumed/believed that people who are advanced in age ought to be wise? Is it because they are expected to have seen and gone through much trials of which it is expected they have learned several lessons due to the experience? Do we actually learn from experience? If age gives wisdom, it is expected that the more years you have the wiser you are expected to be! How wise are those that are advanced in years, those from a hundred and fifty years above? Some could hardly even remember their names!

Having or accumulating years is just being able to survive, which is by God’s grace alone. It is possible to spend many years alive and pass through very little trials.

There are many people who lived briefly and accumulated enough experiences that can equal the sum of the ones experienced by over a hundred very old folks put together!


Just A Number!


It is true that age is just a number and nothing more. It signifies the number of years spent on earth!

There are too many elderly irresponsible foolish people who act in a way that will make one to wonder at their age. Their behaviors make it very difficult to respect them. On the other hand, there are young people that act with such maturity and wisdom that makes one to not only marvel at, but will want to give them the respect and responsibilities intended for their grandparents mates!

It is always good to measure a person’s wisdom based on the quality of his intellect, mental and emotional maturity, general behaviors and utterances, than the number of years accumulated and places traveled, although those also matter, they ought not to be main yardsticks.




Where is the place of the claim ascribed to experience as being the best teacher? It is possible to live so many years and pass through few experiences, while another could live only a few years but with more experiences! Such a one will be the most experienced, though with lesser number of years. Yes, experience is one of the best teachers!




Age should not be a factor when relating with another individual, the mindset ought to be more in consideration, as like minds can cut through various age groups and intuition is determined more by other factors than age! Little wonder an elderly person will easily flow with a younger one and the other way round…




Image Credit; Ritu Tomar

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