GIVE AND ye shall be given!


 GIVE AND ye shall be given!


We are all receivers!
Why hold back what you have been given?
It is not for thee to keep
It is in our benevolence that we get more blessings…
When we learn to share…
When we accept that we are only but channels through which Providence express it’s bounties…
When we learn to be less conceited…
Our joys in giving shall be pure and whatever we give, no matter the quantity shall be qualitative, it’s blessings beyond measure!!
Ain’t giving a gift?


When life picked you to serve it
Remember that today’s story shall be different from tomorrow’s…
Him whom thou givest now shall in a little while give unto thee…
Free thine heart
Let there be singing in your soul when you dip your hands into your pocket for another’s needs
May the memory of the smiles on his face who received from you refresh thee from thy sorrows…
Your days and your nights shall always be moments in heaven
It is noble to avail the self in service
A lofty act of the sons of light
Thus they shine wherever they are
No sorrows can trouble their spirits!!!

Are you tightfisted?
What bondage bedevilled thee so?
I can see thine loneliness and burden of thy sweat
Hoarding treasures of life meant to be shared!!!

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