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Anything we do on earth is for a purpose which is supposed to be the goal of our efforts!

Goals vary and each person sees theirs as important as the other person does.

Must we have goals?

Another name for goal is target, which is a mark, a certain point of attainment of sorts.

Consciously and unconsciously, everyone has a goal, a certain attainment (positive or negative) he desires. So yes, even if we don’t want it, we all have goals!

Those that consciously set goals are positively minded people who are fully aware of the purpose for their existence and want to fulfill it, which is why they keep track of everything they do, monitoring same to the point they desire as limits, which is also their goal or target.

Those that have goals but are not conscious of it as so, are usually those often referred to as losers, people without focus, those that are not aware of the purpose for their existence, yet they have goals! Although it’s unconscious, it is what they always have at the end of every forage.

Choosing goals

A lot of people sometimes give up on life, because they erroneously assumed that they have no reason to do any worthy endeavor or to even live! This is sad. Such types do not and have refused to understand their human values and who or what they are!

The moment anyone decides to give up on life is the moment such a one has reached his goal and is not willing to set up another target.

Because we can design our destinies, it is possible to choose or set goals for ourselves.

When choosing our goals, we ought to strive and aim high and for the best, because whatever we desire is what we will get. Never think or believe that you are a lesser mortal. Every human is created with the right to live as any other, both in the flesh and as spirit entities!

Ultimate Goal

There is an ultimate goal for every created thing and for humans, the goal is one and the same for everyone. It is to fulfill God’s purpose for creation which is to enhance or service the Life Force! Our sole expected function is to revert to our original capacity and exist properly as the Image and Likeness of the Living God!

Every newly born child enters the earth equipped with the capacity to live out such a purpose, but in the course of growth gets corrupted by the cares of this world and other distractions.

In His form, we will become the perfect gods and goddesses we were meant to be, which should be the ultimate goal of humans!

To attain this position, we should be able to live above carnal materialism, perfect our bodies as vessels of holiness and abide by the golden rule in order to always love freely!

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