It is wonderful to be able to write a thought about God.
Who and what is God?
God is the most Supreme of all deities and the highest point of worship of human and sentient beings.
Every life cometh from God who is reputed to have created all created things!
Imagine what privilege it is to even say a thing about such a “ONE”, much more to even write on His Holiness!
Mentioning His name is a privilege!
To be identified with Him is an everlasting blessing!
It is ok to think of God as a mass, energy or power that is unlimited, subliminal and indescribable, because of the awesome nature thereof.
Man is said to have been created in The image and likeness of God, which now gives us an idea to fantasize about a form and even a nature, that I believed informed man to refer to (Him) as a Supreme being!
God has no origin, but everything originated from Him. It is due to the traditional ascription to man’s authority over every created thing that makes it safe to assumed masculinity to be the likeness of the supremest of all deities. No one has ever seen Him, He has no form and yet can never be referred to as “it”. God cannot have blood, because it is fickle despite the fact that human life flows with and through it.
God created all life forms because He is life. Yet out of ingratitude, the created have guts to question or debate the existence of The Creator. How so ignorant, even painstakingly looking for proofs from other created things and forms! God already staked a claim on all living and non living things, the entire universe inclusive. If anyone wants to debate or look for a proof, they ought to create theirs!


What man ought to bother and invest in is “The Nature Of God”!. When man is able to understand the nature of God, every sorrow under the sun shall be over, cause man will eventually come to term with the fact of his nature as a god!
It has been assumed that man’s subconscious mind is God! That is the error!
People have lived in fear and terror of God for too long that it (fear) made them redundant and incapable of doing anything other than to work and wait for Paradise or hell! They were too scared to delve into the subconscious, fearing to meet God. Little wonder most people are terrified of death, as they believed to certainly meet God when they die, and they are afraid of judgement! (the real fear is of hell, cause the heart of man is desperately wicked) Wow! Can the righteous fear anything?
The subconscious is the final level of human attainment. The moment you are able to delve into it, your eyes will be opened and your mind exposed to higher activities. You will be able to operate on the natural and supernatural realms!


When you know yourself and the likeness of who you are, you will be able to attain a positive spiritual ability that will enable you to always delve into the subconscious and when you are able to do that, you will be deathless! The prophecy that says they (mankind) shall live their days as the trees do is not a lie. If you block it from fulfilment, another generation shall arise to fulfill it!
Everything in life is very easy and equally difficult, the determining factor being the way we take or approach such, which also makes acceptance important.
Consider the computer and it’s capabilities, ponder over it’s origin and compare it to the brain of man, who made it. If it is capable of all the tasks it has been doing, what about him that made it? Think of this, man is wonderfully and fearfully made in the likeness of Him who made him. Should it then be a surprise living and doing the creator’s expectations? Nothing should be difficult for man!
It is indeed easy for anyone to know himself. There are procedures however, the first being,


Self discipline is denial, but objectively, it is giving the self everything.
Disciplined minds or persons can never be lured into doing anything they don’t want to.
The how to for being disciplined is to first have control over the mind, which processes all thoughts. The control can be achieved by learning to “still” the mind, which is easy through various forms of spiritual exercises and meditation.
When you are able to still the mind, you can be able to clear and eventually control what comes in and goes out of it.
The determining factor in self discipline is the manipulation of the mind. Once that is achieved, you will discover that you are able to live above any type of indulgence! Things like greed, perversion, etc can never be issues to struggle with anymore.
To manipulate your mind, you must master the art of prayer and meditation. Once you are able to do that, you will be so spiritually elevated that you can do whatever you desire to, a situation where it is expected of you to do good all the time by emitting positive vibrations wherever you are!


A lot has been and will continue to be said about love, which is “God’s holy of holies!”
To love is to give your heart, body and soul without any thought of receiving, as love is a selfless act of service.
Because it (love) is of God, whenever it is released, it attracts and infects. Whoever gives it will always receive it in turn. Love follows those who lives its life anytime, anywhere!
Another way for anyone to know himself is to love onerself, neighbours, and The Lord God. When you are able to love freely, it (love) will freely come to you and everything you need to know about yourself shall be revealed unto you!


A lot of people are in various difficult situations because they refused to accept the basics of life, one of which is “the race is not won by the swiftest, strongest or fastest, but by everyone that ran the race! We are always mindful of being better at things than others, instead of concentrating in doing things properly. Everyone has a purpose on this earth. There are no worse or better creatures, The creator created all things beautiful and equally, each for a particular purpose.
It is important for everybody to accept the role that God has given us, by seeing every situation as part of the journey we have to make in this life! Let us not disturb others in playing their part of the story by manipulation or envy or releasing negative emotions towards them.


After self discipline is holiness, the constant attribute of God’s character!
Any disciplined individual will not have difficulties in living an almost holy life, because doing so, needs determination.
Our bodies are said to be the temple of God, yet for Him to be in it, it has to be kept holy all the time, as holiness is His nature and anywhere He is, or should be, must be a holy or sanctified place.
We must free our hearts of negative emotions and the thoughts in our minds must be positive, so that nothing dirty comes in or goes out of our bodies, as it has to assume spiritual cleanliness at all times, which also guarantees the physical, so that the presence of God will always be felt and enjoyed!
When we are able to attain the status of holiness, we shall be able to see God! This is where the riddle lies! It is said that because of His pure form, anyone that sets eyes on God shall die! Can you see without the eyes?
Being pure in spirit is being holy. The purified spirit has a direct affinity to God, to see God means to be in Godly essence or nature, it does not mean to be able to look at Him with the physical eyes! It is to be in His full nature!


All knowledge is futile if God is not in it! And for Him to be in everything, one has to know Him, so that when He manifest Himself, there will be discernment.
Having understood the importance of self knowledge and accepting such as important, knowing God will not be a difficult task.
” Know thyself and you are almost knowledgeable about the Lord thy God! ”
This is the point where you shall have every power that you ought to possess as a spirit being. When you know God, you will understand His breathe in you, which gives you life.
When you know that He spoke this Earth into existence, you will be able to understand the glory of heaven, His throne and why the rest of the universe is also an effortless act of the Master craftsman! For anyone to have anything to do with such a One, it must be a great privilege. It means access to unlimited powers!
Consider the Rabbi, Lord Jesus Christ and the deeds He performed when He walked with, among men. The fullness of God can be seen in His personality, thus to know Christ is to know the living God!


When human beings have accepted themselves as the image and likeness of God and thrive to know or understand Him, then shall they begin to live in the fullness of what they are.
They will be able to perform extraordinary feats, living freely as the spirits they are meant to be! There is nothing they will set their hearts to that they cannot achieve.
The breathe in us is an extension of God’s life, which is why even with our ignorance of Him, there are certain of His attributes that are just us, things like thriving towards perfection, affinity to power, in depth desire for morality etc.
God has multiplied Himself in all of mankind! Each one of us is a part of Him!


Know thyself and thou shall know The Lord Thy God!!!

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