How will you want to die? What will you desire to be the cause of your death? Will you want only your relations to mourn you or will you desire for the world to? If people should celebrate when you are dead, how will you feel in the hereafter if you are allowed to watch? What stories will you have people tell about you when you no longer live on this earth? How long will you want your footprints to last when you are gone? If you can, how will you plan your funeral? Where will you want to be buried? In a private burial ground, or a family, or public cemetery, or will you rather the birds of the air and beasts feed on your corpse as a benevolence to them, or will you rather be thrown into the waters? Will you prefer a beautifully built and decorated grave? With or without an epitaph? If with, what will you want the inscription to be? If you can, how will you plan the burial ceremony? With pomp and gaiety, or with religious verve, singing and sermonizing, or with a display of the arts, poetry recitations, music, dance drama etc, or will you have a politically ableĀ  burial, with every king and president present, or a scholarly arrangement, or will you want a fetish burial? How will want your estate shared?
Whatever we do and no matter how long we live, even if it is up to a thousand years, we will certainly die and turn to dust! What is the big deal? Are you capable of hatred? In all that you do, always thrive after positive ideals. There are people that want to make a name at all costs and since making a good one is difficult, they chose the bad one! And sure they got it! But what is in a name? What good is a name, if it is bad and will last forever? If you are demonic and earn a name as such, generations upon generations will be terrified just at the mention of your name! How wonderful, having so much power yet incapable of attracting love, that wonderful awesome state of being that heals, creates, beautify and feeds the life force! You will become extremely lonely, a situation where a terrible emptiness will be established in the make up of an individual. Whatever we do on this earth, whether we live or die, will certainly be part of what we are. Strange as it may be, there are people that have done extraordinary things, positively worthy, but no one has ever heard about them. They were never known or acknowledged while they lived, even when it is said that nothing is hidden under the sun and that a gold fish has no hiding place! They are the ones that have the life force! They came selflessly to the earth. They are probably part of the guardian spirits of the universe. Their purpose was purely to feed life. They care little or nothing about glory or recognition from men. They are angels that allowed mortals to take credit for all they did, because they are not of this world. They often marvel at our attitude to praise, recognition or attention from our fellow human beings, most worrying of all, our clamour for power.
No matter our achievements, or how much of posterity we piled for ourselves, when we die, however befitting our burial will be and even if our grave will be as beautiful and eventually a monument like the Taj Mahal, we can never see it, if we can, we will never be part of the ceremonies as humans. The name we leave, good or bad, will stay, but we can never enjoy the human glory, we may hear or even see from beyond, but that is all our share! What is all our troubles for? Is anything worth the effort we put in it? Let us thrive to live worthily, so that when we leave this earth, even if we would not be able to write our names in marble, we should not cause others to fall, and although we will not be around to hear the songs and stories to be made of us, even if we don’t want or leave offsprings behind like Shaka did, let all that will be said of us be for growth or the upliftment of another! Our share of the life we live, is what we get while we are at it and it will also determine what we shall get when we proceed to a higher life. Always try to offer a helping hand, carry others along as you progress, you will feel lifted. It is true that when we lift someone else’ burden, no matter how heavy ours is, it gets lifted by a higher stronger hand!
When it is time to die, let us do so fulfilled, and all that we desire shall happen, if we lived freely!

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