What would you do if you were to wake up one day and discover you are the only human being left on earth?

Do you know that it has happened before? This whole wide world was inhabited by only Adam and other created things before Eve came! The difference with Adam’s case and if it were now, is that Adam was not used to seeing other humans, in fact before Eve, he had never seen any, he doesn’t even knew exactly how he looked like, cause there was no mirror or another person to describe his form!

When Eve came and they started having children up to the time they died, the entire population of the world was not up to a thousand humans!

The world’s population is now in billions and the number of people you might have seen (not counted), should be up to ten thousand (10,000) or more, apart from the usual noise of humans and their activities.

Being used to seeing a lot of people and hearing multitudes of noises everyday and then you wake up from sleep to discover every human being has left the earth, leaving only you!

It would have been comforting if the ones that will pack all the humans will leaave one or two women behind, at least to enable you start a new world.

But this, just you, with all the wealth and powers of the earth. All the beautiful houses you see only in pictures, the exotic cars, just everything you had wanted, at your disposal, only you and other created things!

Perhaps you will look for a female baboon and start a family with her, or maybe a bitch? At least a lady as it’s claimed, has shown that it is possible for humans to crossbreed with dogs!

What race will you call the outcome from such an alliance if you were able to make babies?

What about communication?

Whose language will be adopted, yours or the animal’s?

Since other created things are unmindful of material things, how is your lifestyle going to be like?

And sadly, no matter what you do to take out your life, it will still return! A little moment of sleep and you will wake up again to the eerie emptiness…

What would you do?

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