BLESSINGS!!! Why Do We(humans) Desire It?



Why Do We(humans) Desire It?


A blessing is an empowered wish, or an instituted prayer that is fulfilled when uttered!


A lot of people expect blessings more than their worth or commitment, such that they often act hypocritically in order to attract it! It is common to see children doing all sorts of funny behaviors in order to impress or lure their parents to bless them. This act is annoyingly found in places of worship (house of God), where adherents falsely worship the clergy, or ministers, even more than God, in order to receive blessings!


Blessings are good and desirable gifts which all humans should be pampered with from time to time in order to enjoy the fullness of life, but it should not be turned into an ordinary activity to which people think they can corrupt!


No matter what you do, or how you act and pretend, and with whatever effort anyone try to bless you, the purity of your heart is what determines the quality of the blessing, if it ever became so!


It is possible to steal, or cheat another of his/her blessings and be blessed, but it (blessing) comes with a very big cost, that could include estrangement, the threat of death, living in constant fear, etc! Sometimes the price we pay for certain things are worth it, especially if our destinies are tied to it (this is where my confusion begins, the destiny thing and evil working in tandem with good! Who is God? Why is the devil’s role important?)


Whatever you do, think/see yourself as a supreme spirit being that has access to every facet of life at your disposal! You don’t need deceit or tricks and lies to enjoy life! Be yourself (human) and life shall offer its heart unto thine endless pleasures…

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