“My life is tattered, broken and bruised!” You must have heard or said a statement like or close to this before. So many songs, poems, plays, movies and stories have been made based on such situations!
This post is inspired by Dolly Parton’s song, “Bargain Store” which keeps resonating on my mind these days. I cannot remember the entire song, but some lines keep tugging at me, to which I have to ponder at the significance.
Could my own life be likened to a bargain store? So what if it is? What is a bargain store?


It is a store where used clothes and other goods are sold. Some of the goods with or without repairs are as good as new and sometimes referred to as “second new”.
The good thing about all the items in a bargain store is the fact that they are usable, no matter their conditions!


If a person’s life is likened to such a store, it simply means there are a lot of used usable goods in the person’s life, of which some require a little mending to become as good as new, while some don’t!
Although there may be some goods that will require a lot of mending or repairs, eventually, they will be in a usable state.
Most goods in a bargain store are rugged and last oftentimes longer than new ones that are made with low quality materials!


I do not have the song and it’s been long since I heard it. I am sure the pieces I remember are not in order and some parts missing. Those are probably the parts I like most;

” My life is likened to a bargain store, I may have just what you are looking for. You will be surprised to know the merchandise is used, with a little mending it could be as good as new!
The bargain store is open come inside, you can easily afford the price, love is all you need to purchase all the merchandise, take it and you never will be sorry that you did”


Have you ever felt used, bruised, broken and abused, or thought your life has been wasted? It’s OK, everyone does at one point or the other. Some got over it and others were not lucky.
The good news is for you to imagine and believe you are like a bargain store, then consider all the operations from choosing, pricing and usage! All these processes when applied to whoever feel used or spent, can psychologically remodel and make them likely better than before, or just as good as they used to be!
Whatever your situation, condition or state of mind, just apply the bargain store principle whenever you are down or broken and you will be as good as new. It is the lifeline that so many people held on to and are now so packaged that their worth is far more than when they felt whole or thought they were made!

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