(For Women!)


This is specially for single ladies, but some of the points might help the married ones. It is true that living alone is not good, but it is also true that being desperate over anything, no matter how badly you desire it is bad. Whenever we are desperate, we often make the wrong choice and our decisions usually leads us to situations we bitterly regret. What is in a marriage? Does it truly give a woman prestige, joy or respect?

Most if not all women who married because they are desperate, or just because their mates are doing it, or because they wanted their own homes, or even wanting to get away from their parents control, or other wrong purposes, always end up frustrated, sad and lonely.

When you think you are ready for marriage, or you think you need a husband, you must make sure that you are truly matured. Please understand that age is just a number and never a reason or condition for marriage. To be matured means to be emotionally, financially and most of all spiritually stable. And just because you don’t miss Church services and activities, or you are always at the Temple, Mosque, or at the forefront of religious activities, that doesn’t qualify you to be spiritually sound. Most often such types are hypocrites. To be spiritually sound is to know and try to understand God, to be humble, meek and pure in spirit, or simply to have all the fruits of the spirit of God! To be mentally sound is to have the ability of responsibility, patience and acceptance/contentment.

Financial independence is important to averyone, especially those that desire to practice matrimony. If you are not gainfully employed, or on a regular salary, you MUST have a regular source of income! The man is in truth not the only provider of the family. If you are a woman and you want to get married, you should be prepared to be a helpmate to the man you want to marry, not a liability! Some men and even a few women believe that the woman’s sole purpose is to give pleasure to the man, who will feed, clothe and shelter her. This philosophy is becoming extinct.

Do the following and you can get the man! Some of the points are desperate measures!

1. Never argue with your victim (the man you want to trap).

2. Learn to always speak with a soft voice and in a pleasant way.

3. Do not criticize or accuse him of any wrongdoing. Use subtle methods like advice, or a story if he is on the wrong.

4. Don’t be too religious.

5. Be generous with your body, but don’t be stupid (a sex machine).

6. Be neat, but do not overdo it. Dress properly when going out, but crazily when at home and sexy just before going to bed. Try to be as natural as possible, branding or makeups, especially the type that makes women look like baboons, does not appeal to men at all. It only gives them the impression that you are loose and an obvious easy lay. Men love original things.

7. Be hardworking and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit.

8. You must have your own money and be able to spend much of it on him till he becomes yours! Do the spending wisely, cause if he finds out you are trying to buy him, if he is not too greedy he will run and if he is greedy, he will stay, but you are in trouble!

9. Trap him with a pregnancy! Yes he might accept the pregnancy and refuse to marry you. If you are smart, he will never refuse you. Move to his place and never misbehave. Cook good food for him, keep his house and clothes clean, seriously respect but never try to worship him. Learn to be a woman of few words and no matter how much you know (avoid arguing with him at all cost), always give him the impression you want to learn from him! (boost his ego). Find a way to increase his income, if he has a business, encourage and give him more ideas, if he doesn’t, find out what he is good at and develop or turn it to money. Make sure he has an alternate or additional source of income.

10. Be a woman all the time. Let him see you as a weaker subordinate, but never a helpless, pitiful girl.

Have it at the back of your mind that those points are tricks to make him marry you, as some of them might not be helpful when you are his wife. After you are married, especially if it’s out of desperation, or for the wrong purpose (lifestyle, fame, obsession, infatuation, forced, or arranged marriage etc), if the marriage didn’t break, it may fail, but if luck is with you, it simply means there is compatibility between the two of you.

Whatever you are, no matter how hard you try, someday your true self must manifest itself. So never marry because you are desperate, marry only when you are ready and compatible!

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