Some people are just too special to us that we find it difficult to ignore them, we keep tolerating their antics even if it hurts!

Like everything else, tolerance also has an elastic limit. Since we cant give ad infinitum, time is coming when there will be nothing to give! It will also be the time when those that have ignored us will be in dire need of our attention, even if it is just a little moment of love!

It is good to value and appreciate those that are nice to us, because we don’t know how bright the sun might shine tomorrow and where we are likely to be.

The person with the umbrella when it rains may turn out to be the guy you looked down upon yesterday, because he has no money. See? The poor could own an umbrella, old or new, as long as it keeps him dry, it’s OK. With all you have, you might be in a situation where the poor man’s old umbrella will become very useful to you!

Everyone in this world is important and has his day of glory!

Learn to give a listening ear and always try to understand why people do the things they do.

Not even a child’s story is without wisdom!

Be humble and give your very best to those that come your way, shining as the star you ought to be, without compromising your ideals.

Life is good when you take it simple and easy!IMG_20180214_155319

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