LOVE is like a butterfly…


LOVE is like a butterfly…


Pick one (butterfly) and take a good look at it, if possible, keep it for some days, or look for where you can always find them and observe how they do their things.

I do not know much about butterflies, but I know there are different types with different names and they contribute immensely to the economic activities of man. The most popular type or the one I think is the favorite of all the species, is the “Monarch Butterfly”.

I’m more interested in it’s(butterfly’s) relevance to love…

Have you ever noticed how softly natured and gentle, the butterfly is?

They are such beautiful creatures with their soft petals of wings!

The colors those wings take are various and each signifying something. Doesn’t love take various forms, shades, or colors? I mean it’s(love) mood. Every mood you find yourself in when in love can be interpreted from the various colors in the “petal wings” of the butterfly! Of course the petals are more alike with that of the “rose flower”, another symbol of love!

When the Creator was doing His thing when it was the butterfly’s turn, He probably had love in mind!

How so true Dolly Parton is, when in one of her songs she said, “love is like a butterfly!”



Image credit; Gordon Johnson @ pixabay

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